My name is Gabrielle-Nanci Rose:

I’m a recent grad and a poet, artist, and musician. I want to make my living as an author and musician and travel for my life.

I describe myself as a tough girly girl. I have a pension for spies, adventures, burn notice, Teiks, eos lip balms, war corespondents, Beauty Blenders, and Star Trek (Go Jadzia Dax!) and you will hear that in my posts.

I love makeup, perfume, s|and all things girly (believe me, you will see my Teiks and eos collections). I am not a minimalist traveller. I do try to go carry-on only whenever possible, but I am the girl in the hostel who’s entire 3-1-1 bag is full of glass bottles of foundation, concealer, and perfume (and a 3.4 floz bottle of my acne fighting face wash, thanks skin) and a bag full of vintage skirts, matched underwear, and lingerie soap to wash out her delicates in the sink (think Late Night Grande Hotel).

I got the blog title from the beautiful and amazing Nanci Griffith, you should all go out buy every single one of her albums right now cause she’s an amazing role model & seriously the best singer/guitarist ever.


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