Raspberry Fools


Sorry for the delay, I’ve been quite sick.

So awhile back I promised a full post about the raspberry fools I was going to make.


They’re basically these delicious raspberry and whipped cream things.

I ended up making the PG version so I could spotlight it on my Children’s magazine blog AdventureGirl.

What you do is you put raspberries, sugar to taste, and vanilla in a bowl and mash with a fork. This is also where, is you’re making the PG version, you add a splash of cream sherry.


You then want to add a little sugar and vanilla and again, cream sherry if you’re making it alcoholic to you whipping cream. Very important, just a quarter teaspoon of both or else the cream won’t stabilise—this si not a dish that’s ever gonna make you really drunk, it’s mostly about the taste of the liquor.

You now whip the cream till it forms stiff peaks. Don’t over whip, I made a vanilla butter disaster I didn’t photograph the second time I tried to make these because what do you get when you whip cream beyond the point it’s whipped cream? —Butter.

(What happened is I added too much vanilla and it wouldn’t stabilise.)


Then you want to fold the raspberries into the whipped cream with a silicon spatula.

And voila!

Serve in glasses.


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